Ann Arbor, Michigan

219 South Main Street

Main Street Area Association
Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce
City of Ann Arbor
  • Ground floor:  After Words:  bookstore occupies entire ground floor. 
  • Second floor (leased space): 
    • Community Systems Foundation:  International NGO headquarters, non-profit, 501(c)3. Has suite (Suite 206) with the three windows overlooking Main Street. 
    • Clearweave Corporation:  Website design and hosting.  Occupies all of the second floor except the suite overlooking Main Street.
      • Phone:  734.994.0089. 
        Fax:  734.661.0136.
        President and CEO:  Colin D. O'Brien. 
        Hazardous materials status:  unknown.
  • Third floor (leased space):  Michigan Society of Planning:  Headquarters of Michigan Chapter of American Planning Association occupies entire third floor. 
  • Other comments:  building appears newly renovated inside and has a DSL network throughout.   Separate bathrooms for second and third levels.
Technical notes:

Coordinate system follows street numbering and general mapping style and assumes an underlying grid system (Cartesian coordinate system).

The intersection of Main Street and Huron Street is the origin.  A block that is four blocks south of Huron and has an eastern boundary of Main is labelled 4S, 1E.  A block that is 3 blocks north of Huron and 2 blocks west of Main is labelled 3N,2W.  Blocks that do not fit the grid pattern are assigned fractional values to suggest general location.

Web pages are color coded by block.

Blocks with 

  • two odd coordinates have a cyan (turquoise) backgrouond
  • NS odd and EW even have a yellow background
  • NS even and EW odd have a red background
  • two even coordinates have a purple background
All others have a black background.

Color selection for backgrounds reflects concern for those who might have difficulty distinguishing red from green or blue from green.