As Joe put it, when talking about his daughter who has moved from West River for school in Minneapolis:

"And I told her that once when were talking, I don't remember how it went, she was always working and I said, 'Cara, some day that German work ethic's going to kick in on you and you're not going to be able to stop it. You're going to hate it but you're going to keep doing it.' And it has. She's driven now. She got in school, it was overwhelming for her and just to the point she couldn't take it and, got through that first year and she announced that she was taking summer classes. And now she has a job on the side and married and everything else and she's going for a music minor. It's in her whether she likes it or not. And I knew it would happen to her. Just knowing the type of person she is and where she came from, she's going to work."