Renae talked about what she hoped for the character of her own children:

"I want them to be able to go out in the world and not be afraid to work for what they want. I want them to know honesty. That's a big thing in this household. I would rather hear an ugly truth than a fantasy. Fairy tale just doesn't get it. And the kids have, as far as I know, have been very honest. And loyal and committed to what they do. We're very committed to this or we wouldn't be doing this. So I think by them seeing how committed we are that they can be committed to something when they go off into the world, too. And whatever that is, that's their choice. I don't care what my children decide to do. Just so that they go out and work hard at it. Apply themselves. Don't think that you can go out and just get paid for looking at the stars. I'm sure people get paid to do that but my children probably aren't going to. The real world. So I want them to go out and be able to make themselves a living. And be good people. Go into a community, if it's not this one, go into a community and be good people.

Good people. Someone who works hard, someone who's honest, probably those two major things. Someone who doesn't think about themselves all the time. They're willing to help someone out or give of themselves and not be afraid that they're not getting anything back."