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July 2007

U-M paleontologist part of international team studying remarkably well-preserved baby Siberian mammoth

Daniel Fisher, curator of paleontology at the U-M Museum of Paleontology, has spent his life studying mammoths and mastodons. Now he knows what they really looked like. Fisher says that examining the remains of a young mammoth frozen in Siberia has been a "profound experience." Even the photos he brought back are amazing.

Thrust and Dust: U-M scientists help rocket land on Mars

When the Phoenix lander reaches Mars next May, its first challenge will be to land safely, without blasting away or contaminating the soil at its Martian landing site.

Video: see how the Mars landing might look, from fiery entry to turbulent touchdown

Bacteria suggest new approach to Alzheimer's therapy

The discovery came by chance, but U-M scientists made the most of it. When the microbiologists found that bacteria create and use a type of fiber common in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, they discovered a potential treatment that turns conventional wisdom on its head.

Snap decisions: Detroit mothers reveal environmental abuses through photography

With the snaps of their cameras, Detroit Head Start mothers are speaking out against what they see as environmental injustice that harms their children.


Students with symptoms of mental illness often don't seek help

The incidence of mental illness among college students is on the rise. Yet despite the fact that resources are available at no cost at U-M, more than half of students with symptoms of anxiety and depression don't get help. The university is beginning to explore why, and expanding a recent study to include other institutions around the country.

Podcast: Generation Rx: Teenagers abuse pain medication

Teen abuse of prescription drugs is up. Which kids are using them, and why? In this podcast, U-M's Carol Boyd discusses the latest findings.

Residential College celebrates 40 years

Thirty years ago, observing the 10th Anniversary of the Residential College, observers wondered if the RC would survive a second decade. Today, approaching its 40th anniversary, this living-learning program for undergraduates has turned into an established institution of innovation and excellence at the university and a bulwark of its commitment to liberal arts education.

Big Ten Network ready to launch

In August, just in time for football season, the Big Ten Network will begin broadcasting. The first television network devoted solely to showcasing a university conference, BTN will offer live broadcasts of football and basketball games, alongside virtually every sport in which the Big Ten competes.

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Cloth words

Cloth words

You could write a history of English-speaking people by looking closely at the names of fabrics.



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