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September 2005


President Mary Sue Coleman announced a $10.5 million investment in U-M's efforts in stem cell science with the creation of a new interdisciplinary center for stem cell research, to be based at the Life Sciences Institute.

Wake up, Doc! Lack of sleep and too much booze have similar effects on physicians

When medical interns worked 90-hour weeks for a month, they showed impairments in vigilance, attention and driving skills similar to those they showed after drinking three to four cocktails while working a normal 44-hour weekly schedule.

U-M mobilizes to help Hurricane Katrina victims
U-M mobilizes to help Hurrican Katrina victims

The Michigan community is offering assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina, including an online relocation system to match victims with available places to live and working with displaced university students.

Listen to two poems by Lawrence Joseph '70, '75 JD
Listen to In It, into It, Inside It, Down In mp3
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Listen to two poems by Lawrence Joseph '70, '75 JD

In It, Into It, Inside It, Down In and In a Mood are from Lawrence Joseph's new volume of poetry, Into It, which confronts the events of Sept 11, 2001, and their wake. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $22 hardcover.)

Using the brain to soften pain: the placebo effect

A Michigan study provides the first direct evidence that the brain's own pain-fighting chemicals, called endorphins, play a role in the phenomenon known as the placebo effect—and that this response corresponds with a reduction in feelings of pain.

Gallery Talk, Oct. 3: <i>Shifting Views of Shanghai</i>

Chinese photographers document the increased social stratification visible in Chinese cities during the last decade of intense economic and political change. The exhibit runs Sept. 12 - Oct. 21 at the U-M Institute for the Humanities. Photo at right, Untitled, is a 2005 Shanghai scene by the exhibit's curator, Gu Zheng.

People, especially the elderly, can find consumer warnings confusing

Telling people, especially older adults, that a consumer claim is false can make them mistakenly remember it as true, say marketing professors at the Ross School of Business. (Illustration warns of danger of nonreversible garage-door openers.)

Prostate cancer invades bone tissue by exploiting signaling proteins

More than 80 percent of men who die from prostate cancer succumb to bone cancer. New research by U-M scientists suggests how prostate cancer enters bone tissue by manipulating proteins.

The Football team's frosh learn to sing 'Hail to the Victors'

ESPN's Ivan Maisel wrote a fine story on how Coach Lloyd Carr makes sure the freshmen learn to sing Hail to the Victors.

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Listen to The Victors mp3
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Asthma inhaler abuse associated with harmful  drug use in teens

Young people who misuse asthma inhalers are seven times more likely to use illegal drugs and nearly three times more likely to use alcohol than their peers.

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Talking About Words

When someone says, 'Look it up in the dictionary,' will the word be there?


Some people target certain words, like couch potato and ain't, as unworthy of dictionaries. But all words deserve to be look-upable, says Prof. Richard Bailey.



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Talking About the Movies

Sontag's On Photography one of three must-read classics for film buffs


On Photogaphy
one of three must-read classics for film buff Frank Beaver begins a three-part series on theoretical works that he urges all cinema lovers to read.



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