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January 2006

LSA theme semester is focused upon evolution

Evolution, the process of change that Darwin called 'descent with modification,' is the subject of a theme semester in the College of LSA. The semester features special courses, distinguished speakers, a film series, a museum show and workshops for students and teachers. (Illus: walking whale discovered by Prof. Philip Gingerich.)

Exposure to violent video games linked with desensitization to violent images

Playing violent video games changes brain function and desensitizes chronic players to violence, a new study shows.

Listen to poems by Khaled Mattawa
Listen to Genealogy of Fire mp3
Listen to For Years... mp3
Listen to two poems by Khaled Mattawa

Khaled Mattawa, assistant professor of English, heads the poetry section of U-M's MFA Program in Creative Writing. 'Genealogy of Fire' and 'For Years I've Been Prohibited From Mentioning the Moon' are in Zodiac of Echoes, his second volume of poetry.

Listen to two excerpts by piano great Geri Allen
Listen to Lush Life mp3
Listen to Piano Boogie mp3
Listen to two excerpts by piano great Geri Allen

Geri Allen joined the U-M School of Music faculty in 2005. 'Lush Life' is from her 2004 CD The Life of a Song. 'Piano Boogie' is from the Altman film Kansas City, in which she appeared as Mary Lou Williams.

Hydrogen 'trap' promising for advanced fuel system

U-M researchers have created a class of lightweight rigid polymers they predict will be useful for storing hydrogen fuel.

UMMA's four exhibitions Landscapes of Longing, Jan 21 - April 2

This quartet of exhibitions explores how an artist’s personal vision of landscape can become part of a cultural identity, for both insiders and outsiders, across time and national boundaries. The artists are Japanese and Chinese. Pictured: Kambara, Night Snow by Andō Hiroshige (1797-1858), color woodblock print.

New technique implants teeth in one hour

A new dental procedure has patients going home with permanent implanted dentures in one hour. Compared with removable dentures, patients report greater ease in eating and speaking.

University launches a recording label:  Block M Records

Block M Records is U-M's new recording label that makes performances available to anyone worldwide, primarily through Internet streaming or fee-for-download.

Royal Shakespeare Company returning this fall

Many lovers of Shakespearean drama came to Ann Arbor to see the RSC during its first two appearances. Out-of-towners may wish to make arrangements soon to see Patrick Stewart as Antony and Prospero.

Site of the Month: the Tech Transfer Office

U-M's technology transfer efforts rose 18% in fiscal 2005, with 287 invention disclosures. And University licensing revenues hit $16.7 million versus $11.7 million last year.

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Talking about words

English spelling is so bizarre that 'fish' could be spelled 'ghoti'

English spelling is so bizarre that

G. B. Shaw said English spelling is so wild that 'fish' could be spelled 'ghoti': Take 'gh' from 'enough', 'o' from 'women' and 'ti' from 'nation' and you get 'ghoti'. Shaw bequeathed big sums to reform our alphabet—so far to no avail.


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Biopics and Bio-Pieces

Biopics and Bio-Pieces

Walk the Line is a classic celebrity biopic, while Good Night and Good Luck and Capote are examples of en emerging genre: the bio-piece.



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