Library Scholarly Publishing Office Monthly Report: October 2000

Planning continues for the Scholarly Publishing Office and implementation begins. This month the SPO proposal was finalized and passed on to the Director for final approval. Once this approval is obtained, we will begin to share information about our services with the rest of the library. As part of the proposal, job descriptions were created for the Acquisitions Coordinator, Programmer, and Interface Designer. A five-year budget plan was also created. Unit goals were also completed and are available for review.

In parallel to unit planning, we moved ahead in work on several fronts. Significant strides were made on converting the Michigan Quarterly Review backfile and on obtaining permission to move ahead on digitizing Cross Currents. We have also compiled a substantial list of editors and publishers on campus.

1 Program building

Began compiling list of scholarly publishers on campus and preparing informational survey.

2 Content building

2.1 Support for the Philosopher's Imprint

(Web Environment)
(Data Transformation Support)

2.2 Support for The Medieval Review

2.3 Support for the Michigan Quarterly Review

2.4 Work on publication opportunities with Slavic Department

2.4.1 Digitize and put Cross Currents online.

Obtained letter of permission from Ladislav Matejka to digitize last six issues of CC

Also talked informally with CREES, Slavic Dept., and Matejka about their suggestions for other publications & projects.

3 Continue exploratory work on print on demand

3.1 Establish relationship with vendor to produce books from existing digital files (i.e. MoA books).

3.2 Establish method for selectors to request print replacements

3.3 Establish method for individuals to request print replacements for library

3.4 Establish methods for individuals to be able to purchase print replacements

3.5 Explore issues of branding and marketing reprints.

A meeting was held with Preservation staff and Christie Stephensen of DLPS to discuss the implications of print on demand, possible workflow and relationships with a printing and binding vendor. Carla Montori has established a conversation with Acme bookbinding in Massachusetts about working for the Library in this capacity and received some samples of their work. Several important questions were raised at this meeting that involve collection development decisions and the library’s role in entrepreneurial undertakings such as selling reprints from the collection. A meeting is scheduled for November to discuss several of these issues.

4 Support for ACLS

Held a conversation with Nancy Lin of the NYU project center about authoring tools and ways to enable cross-referencing and linking for monograph authors.

The ACLS project managers report on the backlist formations is that “we have a board of historians now (individually) looking at different concentrations on the list to bring together the first 500 or so titles and we hope to have that wrapped up by November 15. Some lists are already complete and we'll be going after licensing agreements with the copyright holders on that, so things are moving along well.”

5 Transitional goals

5.1 Release Directory of Ethnic Organizations

Permission to release the directory was received from Otto Feinstein. We are now working with Chuck Ransom on the upgrading and release process. Minor updates were made to the management database.

5.2 Release Annotated Bibliography of the French Revolution

(No new activity) It appears updates to the original document is ongoing and so will likely complicate conversion. Currently, no release is anticipated before the summer of 2001.

5.3 Complete and release BMP Index

At PDCC for keyboarding.

5.4 Release the Index to the Transcripts of the French Political Trials.

5.5 MoA4 management

5.6 Continue as liaison to DLPS for Arts of Citizenship, Making of Ann Arbor and the Saline Historical Photographs project.

A meeting was held at AADL to discuss further development for the MoAA project, including possible funding by the Ann Arbor Historical Society.

6 Miscellaneous work on tools and methods

7 Outreach, collaboration and intra-library cooperation