Library Scholarly Publishing Office Monthly Report: November 2000

Work moved steadily ahead on a number of fronts this month, despite staff spending many days at conferences. With the release of the textclass middleware from DLPS, we were able to begin working on retrieval systems for our journals, notably the Philosophers' Imprint. Much of the groundwork for the digitization of MQR and Cross Currents backfiles was completed – in MQR';s case we have made good progress on converting the last several years to XML. While we are still waiting to get content from ACLS, we did have the opportunity to meet with Nancy Lin and work out several procedural issues. And, as always, projects remaining from the days of DLPD filled part of our capacity, including the continued project management for MoA4, as well as work on several bibliographic database projects.

2 Program building

2.1 Work on environmental study

3 Content building

3.1 Communication with faculty editors

3.2 Support for the Philosophers' Imprint

3.3 Support for The Medieval Review

3.4 Support for the Michigan Quarterly Review

3.4.1 Digitize backfile

3.5 Work on publication opportunities with Slavic Department

3.5.1 Digitize and put Cross Currents online.

3.6 Support for 4DP2

3.7 Work with Library staff to identify publication possibilities within their collections:

Arranged for digitization of items in recent Labadie exhibit on the life of Joseph Labadie. Obtained electronic files of catalog copy and will begin soon to work on electronic version of catalog.Discussed electronic version of BHL's publication on the Women's Voices: The Early Years at the University of Michigan. Will be receiving digital images and electronic text files shortly.

4 Electronic subscription management

5 Support for ACLS

6 Transitional goals

6.1 Release Directory of Ethnic Organizations

6.2 Complete and release BMP Index

6.3 Continue as liaison to DLPS for Arts of Citizenship, Making of Ann Arbor and the Saline Historical Photographs project.

6.4 Miscellaneous transitional work

7 Outreach, collaboration and intra-library cooperation