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This Collection is a compilation of data measured in the TCC engine at the University of Michigan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Quantitative Laser Diagnostics Laboratory. The posted Work Deposits are never changed. However, this collection will be expanded with additional Work Deposits as new experimental data become available. The intent of the collection is to provide a comprehensive experimental data set from the TCC-III engine, for fundamental discovery research on in-cylinder flow and spark-ignited combustion. Also, to enable in-depth support for CFD development and validation. The collection includes data files of in-cylinder flowvelocity and flame imaging, as well as engine and system geometry needed to set up 1-D and CFD simulations.

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  2018-02-01 Open Access
  2018-12-11 Open Access
  2018-12-11 Open Access
  2018-12-10 Open Access