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Title: Student's Writing Eportfolio: "Samantha's" Capstone Open Access Deposited
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  • This eportfolio was created for the Gateway course of the Sweetland Minor in Writing to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their growing identities as writers, as captured in their text-based and multimodal compositions produced over the Gateway semester. The title of the work contains the pseudonym created for the study while the creator field lists the student's given name to allow proper attribution for their work. The eportfolio is collected here as an artifact in the Sweetland Writing Development Study, which has been published as Developing Writers in Higher Education: A Longitudinal Study (University of Michigan Press, 2019). To learn more about this study, please see the epublication:, and to learn more about the Minor in Writing program and the eportfolio prompts, please see Appendix 2a ( to the publication.
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  • 2013-01-01
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  • 12/03/2018
  • 11/29/2018
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Brown, K. (2018). Student's Writing Eportfolio: "Samantha's" Capstone [Data set], University of Michigan - Deep Blue Data.


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