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Title: Core photos for MV0811-14JC Open Access Deposited

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  • The core photos were obtained from high-resolution line scan imaging system.
  • This dataset contains core photos for the jumbo piston core MV0811-14JC (34.2818°N 120.0360°W, water depth: 582 m) retrieved in 2008.11 on R/V Melville off Southern California. MV0811-14JC contains 10 sections (section 1-10). Sections 1-3 were scanned at the LacCore Facility (National Lacustrine Core Facility) at University of Minnesota, while photos for section 4-10 were taken at Marine Geology Repository at Oregon State University. The study is funded by NSF-OCE 1304327.

  • Data citation: Hendy, I.L., Wang, Y. (2019). Core photos for MV0811-14JC [Data set]. University of Michigan Deep Blue Data Repository.
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
Date coverage
  • 2008-11
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  • "BOLT Expedition, Leg 2/A Test for Extending the High-Resolution Climate Record Back to 1.2 Ma." Cruise ID: BOLT02MV. 2008. Accessible at Rolling Deck to Repository at
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  • 04/01/2020
  • 04/09/2019
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Ingrid L. Hendy, Yi Wang. (2019). Core photos for MV0811-14JC [Data set], University of Michigan - Deep Blue Data.

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