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Title: Evans Old Field Plant Database, 1948-1997 Open Access Deposited

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  • The area surveyed was on a grid 180 yds by 320 yds. Trips to the area were made at intervals over the flowering season. On each trip, the phenological state of plants, particularly those in flower, was noted. In addition, locations of plants on the grid were noted. Abundances, based on visual assessments, were also sometimes noted. Over the course of each year, a list of plant species present was made. In addition, plant abundances were quantified in four surveys made approximately 10 years apart. Dates and the number of 1-sq.-yd. quadrats surveyed are listed below. 1953 June 25-July 2 (200) 1964 July 20-21 (200) 1974 July 10-12 (100) 1981 July 29-31 (200)
  • The Evans Old Field Plant Database contains FileMaker and Excel files of data collected by Dr. Francis C. Evans during a 50-year study on successional change on Evans Old Field on the Edwin S. George Reserve. Data include plant phenology, location, and abundances observed from 1948 to 1997.
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Dr. Francis C. Evans (2018). Evans Old Field Plant Database, 1948-1997 [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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