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Title: Dataset for 'Multi‑Step Crystallization of Self‑Organized Spiral Eutectics' Open Access Deposited

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  • The data files were collected by lab-scale X-ray nano-tomography and 3D electron backscatter diffraction.
  • The data file contains (1) the grayscale images of the nano-tomography experiments that can be segmented into binary images and visualized to show the 3D morphology of spiral eutectics; and (2) crystallographic orientation maps of serial-sectioned sample, which can be processed in a variety of EBSD software packages.
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  • Moniri, S., Bale, H., Volkenandt, T., Wang, Y., Gao, J., Lu, T., Sun, K., Ritchie, R.O., & Shahani, A.J. (23 January 2020). Multi‐Step Crystallization of Self‐Organized Spiral Eutectics. Small (1906146).
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Moniri, S., Bale, H., Volkenandt, T., Wang, Y., Gao, J., Lu, T., Sun, K., Shahani, A. J. (2020). Dataset for 'Multi‑Step Crystallization of Self‑Organized Spiral Eutectics' [Data set], University of Michigan - Deep Blue Data.


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Read-Me file dataset of “Multi-step crystallization of self-organized spiral eutectics”

Saman Moniri, Hrishikesh Bale, Tobias Volkenandt, Yeqing Wang, Jianrong Gao, Tianxiang Lu, Kai Sun, Robert O. Ritchie, and Ashwin J. Shahani


The paper is published in the journal Small and can be accessed at
(Small 2020, 1906146. DOI: 10.1002/smll.201906146.)

Research Overview:
A novel method for the solidification of metallic alloys involving spiral self organization is presented as a new strategy for producing large area chiral patterns with emergent structural and optical properties, with attention to the underlying mechanism and dynamics. This study reports the discovery of a new growth mode for metastable, two phase spiral patterns from a liquid metal.

The morphology and epitaxy of the two phase spirals were investigated by 3D X ray nano tomography (TXM) and 3D electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). The data files in this repository are the raw, unprocessed results from these experiments and accompany the manuscript by the authors listed above.

File Inventory: - The EBSD orientation maps are compressed into a .zip file, which contains slice maps saved in .ctf format and can be processed by standard commercial software. The .ctf files, generated by the EBSD acquisition software, contain the single orientation data from 95 slices of EBSD experiments for sample labeled ‘Pillar 1_3’ (the slice numbers are appended at the end of the file names, e.g., ‘Pillar 1_3 1.ctf’ contains the EBSD data of the first slice of the sample). An isotropic voxel resolution of 10 nm was chosen for the imaging, that is, 10 nm pixel resolution within the images and 10 nm slice thickness.

TXM.tif - The TXM images are saved into a .tiff stack, which can be segmented to generate 3D renderings or movies. It is recommended that the raw images initially be normalized to narrow the range of grayscale intensities before any segmentation. This will help reduce the high brightness on first opening. - This folder contains 15 .png files of the original, magnified images for the microstructures in Fig. S2 of the Supporting Information of the manuscript.

Funding Information:
• Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Grant Number: FA9550‐18‐1‐0044
• University of Michigan College of Engineering
• NSF. Grant Numbers: DMR‐9871177, DMR‐0723032
• Argonne National Laboratory. Grant Number: DE‐AC02‐06CH11357

Use and Access:
This data set is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC-BY-NC). Restrictions apply for publishing with the data presented here. Please contact author Saman Moniri ( for further information and permission.

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Moniri, S., Bale, H., Volkenandt, T., Wang, Y., Gao, J., Lu, T., Sun, K., Shahani, A. Dataset for 'Multi‑Step Crystallization of Self‑Organized Spiral Eutectics' [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.

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