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Title: The Arrival Fallacy: Collaborative Research Relationships in the Digital Humanities Open Access Deposited

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  • These date were collected via qualitative interviews, over the phone and Skype. The data in the document were transcribed from recordings, though not everything in the interviews was transcribed.
  • As discussion and debates on the digital humanities continue among scholars, so too does discussion about how academic libraries can and should support this scholarship. Through interviews with digital humanities scholars and academic librarians within the Center for Institutional Cooperation, this study aims to explore some points of common perspective and underlying tensions in research relationships. Qualitative interviews revealed that, while both groups are enthusiastic about the future of faculty-librarian collaboration on digital scholarship, there remain certain tensions about the role of the library and the librarian. Scholars appreciate the specialized expertise of librarians, especially in metadata and special collections, but they can take a more active stance in utilizing current library resources or vocalizing their needs for other resources. This expertise and these services can be leveraged to make the library an active and equal partner in research. Additionally, libraries should address internal issues, such as training and re-skilling librarians as necessary; better-coordinated outreach to academic departments is also needed.
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  • Alix Keener, "The Arrival Fallacy: Collaborative Research Relationships in the Digital Humanities," Digital Humanities Quarterly vol. 9 no. 2 (2015),
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Keener, A. (2016). The Arrival Fallacy: Collaborative Research Relationships in the Digital Humanities [Data set], University of Michigan - Deep Blue Data.


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