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Title: RAINBOW All Sky Imager data Open Access Deposited
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  • The ASIs take images and movies of the aurora by looking up at the sky from horizon to horizon above each ASI location. This is accomplished by using a "fish-eye" lens. The cameras take images and movies, gathering all the visible light from the aurora that they can. The cameras are located in a small housing with a dome on top. The electronics and small computers operating the instrument and recording the data are generally in an adjacent building or in a separate environmentally controlled box. In these boxes the electronics, computer, and camera are heated/cooled in order to keep the ASIs operational during the cold winters/hot summers. The figures were then saved as sav file by IDL.
  • The aim of the research to study the temporal evolution of the Sub-Auroral Polarizations Streams (SAPS) with multiple instruments. Aurora images are important to identify the electrodynamics in the high latitude ionosphere. Data used in this research were collected and provided by Dr. Jun Liang at University of Calgary, and analyzed by Zihan Wang for the article accompanying this deposit. The data was collected from all sky imagers (ASI) located in Saskatoon, Canada.

  • saskrainbow01.sav contains the rgb channels from ASI. It can be opened using IDL. saskasiskymap.gm5 contains the sky map of the ASI. It shows the geographic location of the figure pixels. is the procedure to recover the data from saskrainbow01.sav and make plots. is the procedure to add a colorbar to the plot. and can together make keogram plots. Run first and then
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • AGS1342968
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  • Wang, Z., Zou, S., Shepherd, S. G., Liang, J., Gjerloev, J. W., Ruohoniemi, J. M., et al. ( 2019). Multi‐instrument observations of mesoscale enhancement of subauroral polarization stream associated with an injection.Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 124, 1770– 1784.
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  • 06/06/2019
  • 11/14/2018
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Liang, J., Wang, Z. (2018). RAINBOW All Sky Imager data [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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