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Title: Michigan Big Woods research plot data Open Access Deposited
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  • See cited article for full methods. Briefly, these data come from three censuses of a 23 ha forest research plots. All free-standing vegetation greater than 1 cm diameter at 1.3 m height (diameter at breast height; DBH) were tagged, identified, spatially mapped and had their DBH measured. The original census took place in 2008 and covered only 12 ha. A second census took place from 2008-2010 and expanded the plot to its current 23 ha. Finally a third census took place in 2014. In the second and third censuses the original trees were found, recorded for survival, remeasured, and new individuals were tagged. This plot is part of the Smithsonian Institution's Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) global network of forest research sites.
  • These data are in the standard ForestGEO format. Each of the three censuses has its own text file. Within that file each row represents a stem measured in that census. Species information can be found in the species file. The personnel responsible for this work can be found in the personnel file. See the readme file for more information.
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  • Other Funding Agency
Other Funding agency
  • USDA McIntire–Stennis Grant
  • Edwin S. George Reserve Fund
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  • 2008-06-01 to 2014-09-01
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  • Allen, D, CW Dick, RJ Burnham, I Perfecto, and J Vandermeer. The Michigan Big Woods research plot at the Edwin S. George Reserve, Pinckney, MI, USA. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology. In review.
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  • 11/05/2019
  • 11/05/2019
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Allen, D., Vandermeer, J., Dick, C., Perfecto, I., Burnham, R. (2019). Michigan Big Woods research plot data [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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