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Title: Big Ship Data: Pre- and Post-Processed Spatiotemporal Data for 2006-2014 for Great Lakes Air Temperature, Dew Point, Surface Water Temperature, and Wind Speed Open Access Deposited
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  • Pre-Processed data was acquired from the NDFD for air temperature, dew point, and wind speed, and from the GLCFS for lake surface temperature. This data was re-gridded to be on a 0.1-degree grid and at hourly resolution (3-hourly for lake temperature). Ship Observations were acquired from NOAA's Volunteer Observing Ships program. Using Gaussian Process Regression, the ship observations were assimilated into the modeled data to generate new spatiotemporal estimates of the 4 study variables. Additionally, uncertainty estimates were provided
  • This data is in support of the WRR paper by Fries and Kerkez: Big Ship Data: Using Vessel Measurements to Improve Estimates of Temperature and Wind Speed on the Great Lakes Code is also provided
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  • 2006-01-01 to 2014-12-31
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  • Fries, K., and B. Kerkez (2017), Big Ship Data: Using vessel measurements to improve estimates of temperature and wind speed on the Great Lakes, Water Resour. Res., 53, 3662–3679,
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  • 08/16/2018
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