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Title: Results from Morales et al. 2018 (JAS) - Orographic precipitation sensitivity analysis Open Access Deposited
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  • The data is produced from Cloud Model 1 simulations of idealized orographic precipitation. The detailed methods used are found in Morales et al. 2018, Journal of Atmospheric Science. The model output is initially in a .dat format, which is then convert to netCDF using the cdo -f nc import_binary command in a Linux terminal. The analysis is performed using the NCAR Command Language (NCL), and the results and description of analysis methods and model configurations are found in Morales et al. 2018 (JAS). The data can be accessed using any programming language that reads in netCDF or binary files. We used NCL and GrADS.
  • The research that produced this data involves exploring the sensitivity of orographic precipitation to changes in microphysical parameters found in the Morrison microphysics scheme within CM1 model. These microphysical sensitivities are also tested within different environments. The tests can be described as "one-at-a-time" experiments, i.e., an individual parameter is perturbed while keeping the rest constant. Annareli Morales conducted this research for her PhD research while working at the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology lab at NCAR in Boulder, CO.
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  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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  • NNX14AG68G
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  • Morales, A., H. Morrison, and D. Posselt, 2018: Orographic precipitation response to microphysical parameter perturbations for idealized moist nearly neutral flow. Journal of Atmospheric Science, 75, 1933-1953,
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  • 11/14/2019
  • 03/06/2019
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Morales, A. (2019). Results from Morales et al. 2018 (JAS) - Orographic precipitation sensitivity analysis [Data set], University of Michigan - Deep Blue Data.


Files (Count: 10; Size: 272 GB)

# this script makes directories for all the one-parameter runs and
# soft links the source code and executable and copies over
# the namelist.input for CM1

cd /raid00/annareli/cm1_output/OLYMPEX_20151113_ideal/mp_param_runs/one-time/runs/one-param_morePRs

# Create each directory first
while [ $var1 -le 60 ]

cd /raid00/annareli/cm1_output/OLYMPEX_20151113_ideal/mp_param_runs/one-time/runs/one-param_morePRs

mkdir 1p-run_PRs_$var1
cd 1p-run_PRs_$var1
ln -sf /home/annareli/MODEL/cm1r17_2Xdom_shift_hh1km_WR+SDEP+morePRs/include ./include
ln -sf /home/annareli/MODEL/cm1r17_2Xdom_shift_hh1km_WR+SDEP+morePRs/src ./src

mkdir run
cd run
ln -sf /home/annareli/MODEL/cm1r17_2Xdom_shift_hh1km_WR+SDEP+morePRs/run/LANDUSE.TBL ./LANDUSE.TBL
ln -sf /home/annareli/MODEL/cm1r17_2Xdom_shift_hh1km_WR+SDEP+morePRs/run/cm1.exe ./cm1.exe
cp /raid00/annareli/cm1_output/OLYMPEX_20151113_ideal/mp_param_runs/one-time/paramlist/one-param_withPRs/namelist.input .
cp /raid00/annareli/cm1_output/OLYMPEX_20151113_ideal/mp_param_runs/one-time/paramlist/one-param_withPRs/paramlist.input_$var1 .
mv paramlist.input_$var1 paramlist.input

/usr/local/openmpi/bin/mpirun -np 14 ./cm1.exe >& cm1.print.out

echo $var1

let var1=$var1+1

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