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Title: Equilibrium configurations of hard polygons near the melting transition Open Access Deposited
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  • We produced this data using hard particle Monte Carlo simulations at constant area. We executed simulations using HOOMD-blue versions 1.0 through 2.0 on the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility Titan supercomputer.
  • This dataset was generated for our work "Shape and symmetry determine two-dimensional melting transitions of hard regular polygons". The dataset includes simulation results for 13 different polygons (equilateral triangles through regular tetradecagons and the 4-fold pentille) at a variety of packing fractions near the isotropic fluid to solid phase transition. Each trajectory contains the final 4 frames of each simulation run we conducted at system sizes of over one million particles. For each shape, there is a JSON file that describes the vertices of the polygon and a number of simulation trajectory files in GSD ( format. The trajectory files contain the positions and orientations of all the polygons at each frame, along with the simulation box size. The trajectory file names identify the packing fraction of that simulation run.
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  • 01/13/2020
  • 12/07/2018
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Engel, M., Glotzer, S., Anderson, J., Antonaglia, J., Millan, J. (2018). Equilibrium configurations of hard polygons near the melting transition [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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