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Title: Transmission of Oral microbiome and Sequencing - Symptom and Shedding Duration Open Access Deposited
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  • Index cases of influenza were identified at a major healthcare facility in Managua, Nicaragua. Index cases and their family members were enrolled for follow up and with nose/throat samples collected at 2-3 day intervals for up to 13 days. Sociodemographic and household data were collected at enrollment. 16S rRNA sequencing of the V4 region (Illumina MiSeq V2 chemistry 2x250--Illumina, San Diego, CA) was conducted at the University of Michigan Microbial Systems Laboratories on samples collected at enrollment and at the last day of follow up. Accelerated failure time models were used to examine the role of the nose/throat microbiome on symptom duration, shedding duration, and time to infection. For a full description of methodology, please see the associated publication.
  • Data include variables used to run accelerated failure time models examining the association between the nose/throat microbiome and 1) symptom duration, 2) shedding duration, and 3) time to infection. Certain individual participant data have been excluded due to identifiability concerns. Data also include the oligotype count table and taxonomic classifications.
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  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
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  • 04/22/2020
  • 10/05/2018
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Lee, K. (2018). Transmission of Oral microbiome and Sequencing - Symptom and Shedding Duration [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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