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Title: Galaxy Shape Catalogs for Dark Energy Survey Science Verification (DES-SV) Data - Additional Regions Open Access Deposited
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  • Used Im3shape ( v9 to measure galaxy shapes over ~70 square degrees of sky, focusing on areas containing galaxy clusters that are not covered by the official DES-SV data release.
  • This dataset is associated with the University of Michigan Dept. of Physics dissertation titled "Shedding Light on the Dark: Exploring the Relation Between Galaxy Cluster Mass and Temperature Through Weak Gravitational Lensing" by Rutuparna Das. It is also associated with a paper, currently in preparation, by Das et al (details to be added once paper is submitted/accepted).

  • This work contains information about shapes of galaxies observed by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) during its Science Verification (SV) run. The official DES SV shape catalog has already been released to the public (see details in Jarvis et al. (2016), henceforth called "J16"). This work follows the methods presented in J16, and contains shapes from areas of the sky that were not processed as part of the official DES-SV catalog but were necessary for the work presented in the aforementioned dissertation. Each catalog contains information for galaxies in a 80′ × 80′ cutout centered at a given galaxy cluster.

  • Note that these catalogs are not entirely analogous to the official DES-SV catalog. For one, we only measure shapes for galaxies, as stars and other objects were not needed for the dissertation. Our catalogs also only extend to a magnitude of 24 in r-band, whereas a small fraction of the objects in the official Im3shape catalog are dimmer (see Figure 29 of J16).

  • We also include other information necessary for weak lensing studies. Aside from all fields from Im3shape and noise bias calibration (listed and described in J16), these catalogs contain columns for object positions (“ra_gold”, “dec_gold”) and magnitudes in various filters (“mag_detmodel_g”, “mag_detmodel_r”, “mag_detmodel_i”, “mag_detmodel_z”) from the SVA1-Gold catalog ( Additionally, we include mean redshift measurements from two DES photo-z measurement pipelines, TPZ and DESDM Neural Network (“z_TPZ”, “z_DESDMnn”) (more details in Sanchez et al. (2014)).

  • References: Jarvis, M., Sheldon, E., Zuntz, J., et al. 2016, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 460, 2245. Sanchez, C., Carrasco Kind, M., Lin, H., et al. 2014, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 445, 1482.
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  • Department of Energy (DOE)
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  • DE-SC0007859
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  • Das, R. (2018). Shedding Light on the Dark: Exploring the Relation Between Galaxy Cluster Mass and Temperature Through Weak Gravitational Lensing. University of Michigan. Dissertation access in Deep Blue:
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  • 07/04/2019
  • doi:10.7302/Z2F769SJ
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