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Title: ENVIREM: ENVIronmental Rasters for Ecological Modeling version 1.0
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  • Rasters were generated from monthly temperature and precipitation data from Worldclim ( and from monthly solar radiation data from the Consortium for Spatial Information (, based on formulae detailed in the literature.
  • The ENVIREM dataset v1.0 is a set of 16 climatic and 2 topographic variables that can be used in modeling species' distributions. The strengths of this dataset include their close ties to ecological processes, and their availability at a global scale, at several spatial resolutions, and for several time periods. The underlying temperature and precipitation data that went into their construction comes from the WorldClim dataset (, and the solar radiation data comes from the Consortium for Spatial Information ( The data are compatible with and expand the set of variables from WorldClim v1.4 ( For more information, please visit the project website:
  • Title, Pascal O.
  • Bemmels, Jordan B.
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  • Science
  • raster
  • species distribution modeling
  • bioclimatic
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  • Title, P. O. and Bemmels, J. B. (2018), ENVIREM: an expanded set of bioclimatic and topographic variables increases flexibility and improves performance of ecological niche modeling. Ecography, 41: 291-307.
  • English
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  • 53.7 GB
  • doi:10.7302/Z2BR8Q40
  • Open Access

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