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Title: Regional Climate Model simulations
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  • 25km Regional Climate Model simulations using RegCM-CLM (4.3.4) Precipitation parameterizations: SUBEX (Pal et al. 2000), Grell (1993) with FC Closure CLM Version 3.5 23-year simulations (January 1980-December 2002)
  • Included are RegCM simulations driven by three different types of boundary conditions 1. ERA - present day only (1979-2005) 2. GFDL - present day (1978-2005) and future (2041-2065) 3. HadGEM - present day (1978-2005) and future (2041-2065) Each directory has three files with monthly averaged values: ATM: includes 4D (t,z,y,x) atmospheric fields (pressure, winds, temperature, specific humidity, cloud water) and some 3D fields (t,y,x) precipitation, soil temperature, soil water SRF: includes 3D (t,y,x) surface variables (surface pressure, 10m winds, drag coefficient, surface temperature, 2m air temperature, soil moisture, precipitation, runoff, snow, sensible heat flux, latent heat flux, surface radiation components (SW, LW), PBL height, albedo, sunshine duration) RAD: includes 4D radiative transfer variables (SW and LW heating, TOA fluxes, cloud fraction, ice water content) clm_h0 files: CLM land surface files, includes canopy variables, surface fluxes, soil moisture by layers, etc. "
  • Steiner, Allison
  • Bryan, Alex
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  • Science
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • F032732
  • climate
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  • Bryan, A. M., A. L. Steiner, and D. J. Posselt (2015), Regional modeling of surface-atmosphere interactions and their impact on Great Lakes hydroclimate, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 120, 1044–1064.
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