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Title: Characteristics of Informal Caregivers who Provide Transportation Assistance to Older Adults
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  • Data can contained in an Excel spreadsheet formatted such that each row is a separate participant and each column is a separate question. This file is called: EbyEtAl-TransportCaregiver. A data dictionary that gives the text for each question and the response categories mappings are contained in another Excel Spreadsheet. This file is called: EbyEtAl-TransportCaregiverDictionary. The text of the survey, the development of weights, and response rate calculations can be found in the Deep Blue report discussed previously.
  • Eby, David W
  • Molnar, Lisa J
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  • Social Sciences
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  • F026415
  • Caregiver Burden
  • Automobile
  • Driving
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  • 2011-06-07 to 2011-07-17
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  • Eby, D.W., Molnar, L.J., Kostyniuk, L.P., St. Louis, R.M., & Zanier, N. (2011). Recommendations for Meeting the Needs of Michigan’s Aging Population. Report No. RC-1562. Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Transportation. This report can be found on Deep Blue:
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  • doi:10.7302/Z2GH9G3V
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