Prepare Your Data

Data Format & Deposit Size

Deep Blue Data will accept any file format. We will accept compressed data (.zip, .gz, tar.gz) although to facilitate basic preservation services compressed data is discouraged. Review file formats and levels of preservation.

We do not foresee placing cumulative storage limits on deposits, but there are some constraints on the size of deposits:


Depositors will be asked to apply one of several Creative Commons licenses to the data. Depositors authorize the Library to distribute the data under the terms of the license they have selected.


We require descriptive metadata for each deposited dataset. A detailed description of the data's origins, purpose, and use are essential for both discoverability and reuse. The following are our minimum requirements:

The system also generates metadata automatically to help us maintain the integrity of your files and provide a complete record:

Regardless of which license a depositor chooses for data distribution, metadata will always be distributed with the CC0 license in order to facilitate the broadest possible use.

Please see the Guide to Creating Metadata for Your Dataset in Deep Blue Data for more information.


Each data set deposited into Deep Blue Data should contain sufficient documentation for people to understand and make use of the data. Please review our Guide to Creating Documentation for Your Data Set in Deep Blue Data for details.

Conditions for Deposit

By depositing in Deep Blue Data, you agree that we bear no responsibility for the contents of your submission and represent that:

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This document was last updated on May 15, 2018