Alternative Perspectives on Vietnam Records and Sound Recordings, 1965-1966

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Alternative Perspectives on Vietnam Records and Sound Recordings, 1965-1966

The materials in this online repository form part of a larger Alternative Perspectives on Vietnam collection held by the Bentley Historical Library. For a more complete index to the materials, please consult the collection's online finding aid.

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An international conference on Alternative Perspectives on Vietnam held at the University of Michigan, Sept. 14-18, 1965. This online collection contains sound recordings; additional materials are available at the Bentley Historical Library.

The International Conference on Alternative Perspectives on Viet Nam brought together some 40 scholars, theologians, writers and intellectuals from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States. The work of the Conference, according to its press release, was based on "the assumption that Cold War conceptions and policies derived from them have failed and have produced the disaster which Viet Nam is today. Therefore, the Conference sought alternative conceptions which might result in reasonable and constructive policies to achieve a peaceful and humane end to the war in Viet Nam."

The Conference divided into four Study Groups, each considering the problem of peace in Viet Nam from different aspects. One group considered the situation from the standpoint of international politics; the second, in terms of social and economic development; the third, in terms of conflict and conflict resolution; the fourth, from the standpoint of revolutionary warfare.

Although the Study Groups worked independently and developed a variety of recommendations, there was agreement among the participants on the following propositions (quoted from the conference press report):

  • "that the bombing of North Viet Nam must cease,
  • that there should be a general cease fire in South Viet Nam,
  • that the settlement of the problem of Viet Nam must be considered as political, not military,
  • that negotiations must include the National Liberation Front in its own right as a principal party to the conflict in South Viet Nam,
  • that peace and stability in Asia require the admission of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations,
  • that there should be a fundamental reassessment of the goals and methods of United States foreign policy."

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