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The materials in this online repository form part of a larger Construction Innovation Forum record group held by the Bentley Historical Library. For a more complete index to the materials, please consult the collection's online finding aid.

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International non-profit organization established in 1987 to recognize innovations in the construction industry that improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of construction. This online collection includes nomination forms for the 'Nova Award' from 1993-2006 as well as various investigative reports.

The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF), an international non-profit organization, was an outgrowth of the Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness (CICE) project, which published 23 reports from 1980-1983 on concentrated "problem areas" in the construction industry. The reports concluded that construction productivity in the United States had been in significant decline since 1965, resulting from the lack of innovation in the industry, manifested in outdated management techniques, inefficient labor practices, and conflicts among the industry's various segments.

The CIF was formed in 1987 by a group of primarily Michigan-based professionals representing various facets of the construction industry. Their purpose was to recognize and award innovations in industry productivity, cost reduction, and quality, through its annual NOVA Awards. The group is overseen by a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, and other committees addressing various segments of the Forum, including membership drives, ticket sales to the annual Innovation Celebration awards banquet, and award nominations.

Since 1987, CIF has generated membership, endorsement, financial support, and general interest from all segments of the industry, including construction business owners, contractors, labor organizations, and educators. Its annual NOVA Awards attracts dozens of nominations from the U.S. and abroad, and the resulting Innovation Celebration has become a year-round selection and planning process. In addition to the NOVA Awards, CIF continues to promote innovation through its quarterly newsletter, Innovator, which provides CIF members with forum updates and highlights of annual NOVA Award winners

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