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University Planner's Office (University of Michigan) records

The materials in this online repository form part of a larger University Planner's Office (University of Michigan) record group held by the Bentley Historical Library. For a more complete index to the materials, please consult the collection's online finding aid.

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Adjunct of University Architect's Office responsible for campus development and upkeep. Records inlcude correspondence with architects, meeting minutes, reports, photographs and architectural drawings relating to campus planning and renovation; including landscaping, zoning, parking, lighting, walkways and signage.

The University Planner's Office has historically reported to Plant Extension and is an offshoot of the University Architect's Office. The responsibilities of the two offices have often overlapped and their respective responsibilities for campus development and upkeep are intertwined.

The University Architect's Office was established in 1957 within the Plant Service Department, with Lynn W. Fry the first person to hold the title of University Architect. In 1964 John D. Telfer, formerly the Assistant to the University Architect, became the university's first University Planner. Telfer served in this position until 1968. Frederick W. Mayer then assumed the position and continues to oversee the University Planner's Office to this date.

As stated above, the responsibilities of the University Planner are tangential to those of the University Architect, both being the natural result of an expanding, growing university community. The University Architect's Office devotes the bulk of its time to advising and serving as liaison between architects and the university community on construction and renovation projects. The role of the University Planner's Office is akin to that of a civil engineer and is concerned with the issues that accompany campus development, including zoning, street construction, signage, landscaping, exterior lighting, and parking.

For further information regarding building projects at the University of Michigan, the researcher should also consult the records of the University Architect's Office.

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