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George Lincoln Rockwell sound recording

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George Lincoln Rockwell was the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party. This sound recording is from a speech he gave at Hill Auditorium at the University of Michigan in 1964. Everett M. Dirksen was a member of Congress from Illinois. The sound recording also includes a speech he gave on the state of union.

George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967), born in Bloomington, Illinois, was the disowned son of a prominent vaudeville comedian. After dropping out of Brown University, in 1941 he joined the U.S. Navy, where he flew several combat missions during World War II. Due to his political extremism he was discharged several times. In 1960 he was discharged for good.

In 1959 he formed the American Nazi Party, originally known as the World Union of Free Enterprise and National Socialists, becoming its leader shortly afterwards. On August 25, 1967 he was shot and killed by a sniper at the American Nazi Party Headquarters, Hatemonger Hill, in Arlington, Virginia.


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