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Carlos P. Romulo sound recording

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Philippine statesman, general, and journalist; advocate of the United Nations. Address to the Detroit School of Government discussing Philippine foreign policy and the threat of communism and audiotape describing 1954 shooting on floor of U.S.Congress.

History / Biography:
Carlos Peña Romulo (1899 January 14--1985 December 15) was a Philippine military general, diplomat, and journalist. He graduated from the University of Philippines, A.B. 1918 and Columbia University, M.A. in 1921.

Romulo started his newspaper career while attending the University of the Philippines. He worked his way up to editor-in-chief of TVT Publications in the early 1930s and later publisher of DMHM newspapers in 1937. During World War II, his radio broadcasts were widely known as the "Voice of Freedom." Indeed, he became the first non-American to win the Pulitzer Prize in Correspondence in 1942. He has held a number of noteworthy positions, president of the General Assembly of the United Nations (1949--50), president of the University of the Philippines (1962--68), and ambassador to the United States (named in 1952). He has also served the president of the Philippines as secretary (1968--78), and later, minister, of foreign affairs (1978--84).

He had four sons through his forty-four year marriage to Virginia Llamas (1924--1968), which ended abruptly when she died of leukemia. In 1978 he remarried to Beth Day, the widow of General Donald Day, former Philippine Ambassador to the United States.


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