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Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries records

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The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries began in 1909 as an organization offering food, shelter, and church services to the homeless of Detroit. Since then it has grown in size and scope as it now offers treatment for addiction, mental health services, and more throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area. The bulk of the collection includes project reports, program meeting minutes, photographs, and audio and video recordings relating to the organization. The collection also includes files of the organization's leaders administrators: Chad Audi, Donald DeVos, Barbara Willis, among others.

In 1909 David Stucky founded the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), originally called the Detroit City Rescue Mission. The organization offered food, shelter, and church service to the homeless of Detroit. While the organization operated throughout most of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas were particularly busy, with hundreds of meals being handed out during the holidays. In 1943, Stucky died, passing on leadership of the organization to his son, Obed.

While the DRMM continued offering food and shelter to Detroit’s homeless population, the organization expanded its services and locations significantly in the 1980s and 1990s, under the leadership of president Donald DeVos. During this time period the organization built the Genesis House I and II, Wildwood Ranch, Donald F. DeVos Ministry Center, Christian Guidance Center, and more. While some of these simply served as permanent housing, others had more specialized purposes. The Genesis House I and II served as facilities for young mothers and their children to prepare for life on their own. Buildings like Oasis served as an emergency shelter option, as well as a place for homeless veterans to get assistance. Some of these new structures contained libraries and computer labs, allowing users of facilities to gain new skills.

In 1998 Chad Audi joined the organization and served as the CEO, before becoming president following the passing of Donald DeVos in 2002. Audi continued the expansion of the organization as the DRMM added more housing for low-income mothers, children, and also veterans. Many of the Mission’s existing locations were improved. For example, the Wildwood Ranch became home to the Youth Challenge Course to give children of the area opportunities for leadership development. As of 2016, Chad Audi continues to serve as the president of the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. The organization provides a large positive impact on the Detroit Metropolitan Area community.

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