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1,2â Diacylglycerol choline phosphotransferase catalyzes the final step in the unique Treponema denticola phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis pathway

dc.contributor.authorVences‐guzmán, Miguel Ángel
dc.contributor.authorPaula Goetting‐minesky, M.
dc.contributor.authorGuan, Ziqiang
dc.contributor.authorCastillo‐ramirez, Santiago
dc.contributor.authorCórdoba‐castro, Luz América
dc.contributor.authorLópez‐lara, Isabel M.
dc.contributor.authorGeiger, Otto
dc.contributor.authorSohlenkamp, Christian
dc.contributor.authorChristopher Fenno, J.
dc.identifier.citationVences‐guzmán, Miguel Ángel ; Paula Goetting‐minesky, M. ; Guan, Ziqiang; Castillo‐ramirez, Santiago ; Córdoba‐castro, Luz América ; López‐lara, Isabel M. ; Geiger, Otto; Sohlenkamp, Christian; Christopher Fenno, J. (2017). "1,2â Diacylglycerol choline phosphotransferase catalyzes the final step in the unique Treponema denticola phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis pathway." Molecular Microbiology 103(5): 896-912.
dc.publisherWiley Periodicals, Inc.
dc.publisherCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
dc.title1,2â Diacylglycerol choline phosphotransferase catalyzes the final step in the unique Treponema denticola phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis pathway
dc.subject.hlbsecondlevelMicrobiology and Immunology
dc.description.peerreviewedPeer Reviewed
dc.identifier.sourceMolecular Microbiology
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dc.owningcollnameInterdisciplinary and Peer-Reviewed

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