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Do You Still Trust Me? Human-Robot Trust Repair Strategies

dc.contributor.authorEsterwood, Connor
dc.contributor.authorRobert, Lionel Jr
dc.identifier.citationEsterwood, C. and Robert, L. P. (2021). Do You Still Trust Me? Human-Robot Trust Repair Strategies, Proceedings of 30th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2021), Aug 08 - Aug 12, 2021. Online Virtual Conference (originally in Vancouver, BC, Canada).en_US
dc.description.abstractTrust is vital to promoting human and robot collaboration, but like human teammates, robots make mistakes that undermine trust. As a result, a human’s perception of his or her robot teammate’s trustworthiness can dramatically decrease. Trustworthiness consists of three distinct dimensions: ability (i.e. competency), benevolence (i.e. concern for the trustor) and integrity (i.e. honesty). Taken together, decreases in trustworthiness decreases trust in the robot. To address this, we conducted a 2 (high vs. low anthropomorphism) x 4 (trust repair strategies) between-subjects experiment. Preliminary results of the first 164 participants (between 19 and 24 per cell) highlight which repair strategies are effective relative to ability, integrity and benevolence and the robot’s anthropomorphism. Overall, this paper contributes to the HRI trust repair literature.en_US
dc.publisherIEEE RO-MAN 2021en_US
dc.subjecthuman and robot collaborationen_US
dc.subjecthuman robot collaborationen_US
dc.subjecthuman-robot interactionen_US
dc.subjecttrust repairen_US
dc.subjecttrust repair strategiesen_US
dc.subjectrobot trusten_US
dc.subjectrobot teammate’s trustworthinessen_US
dc.subjecthuman robot teamingen_US
dc.subjectteamwork trusten_US
dc.subjectHuman-Robot Trusten_US
dc.subjectHumans and robotsen_US
dc.subjectTrustworthiness and human-robot interactionen_US
dc.subjecttrust repair and human-robot interactionen_US
dc.subjectrobot intelligenceen_US
dc.subjectrobot anthropomorphismen_US
dc.subjectartificial intelligenceen_US
dc.subjecthuman teammates robotsen_US
dc.subjectTrustworthiness and Anthropomorphismen_US
dc.subjectrepairing trust in human-robot interactionen_US
dc.subjecthuman computer interactionen_US
dc.subjectsocial computingen_US
dc.subjectcomputer supported collaborative worken_US
dc.subjectworkt teamsen_US
dc.subjectfuture of worken_US
dc.subjectteamwork with robotsen_US
dc.subjecthuman robot teamsen_US
dc.titleDo You Still Trust Me? Human-Robot Trust Repair Strategiesen_US
dc.typeConference Paperen_US
dc.subject.hlbsecondlevelInformation Science
dc.subject.hlbtoplevelSocial Sciences
dc.description.peerreviewedPeer Revieweden_US
dc.contributor.affiliationumInformation, School ofen_US
dc.contributor.affiliationumRobotics Instituteen_US
dc.contributor.affiliationumcampusAnn Arboren_US
dc.description.bitstreamurl and Robert 2021.pdf
dc.identifier.sourceIEEE RO-MAN 2021en_US
dc.description.filedescriptionDescription of Esterwood and Robert 2021.pdf : Preprint
dc.description.depositorSELFen_US, Lionel P.; 0000-0002-1410-2601en_US
dc.owningcollnameInformation, School of (SI)

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