Learning Health Sciences, Department of (DLHS)


In 2014 the Department of Medical Education became the Department of Learning Health Sciences (DLHS). Under our new name and mission, the department focuses on the concept of learning as it applies to all levels in the context of health. These areas include:

  • An individual student, resident, or practicing professional
  • Care teams made up of individuals from multiple health professions disciplines
  • Organizations, which can be a single hospital, or an institution such as UMHS which includes hospitals, outpatient care sites, a physician group and home care
  • Ultra-large scale health systems, on a statewide or national scale, which can become “learning health systems” if learning science is applied to how they assess and improve performance and implement change

We have grown from an initial focus on continuing medical education to a basic sciences department now focused on learning sciences more broadly.

The Department of Learning Health Sciences engages colleagues across the entire University of Michigan Health Sciences community, the state, and the nation.

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