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Computing Center (University of Michigan) Records

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Established in 1959 to operate academic computing facility and provide computing services for faculty and students. Developed Michigan Terminal System (MTS) operating system and other software for mainframe computers. Merged into University of Michigan Information Technology Division in 1985. Administrative records including minutes, correspondence, budget material, and reports, documenting management of the center, purchase and operation of mainframe computers, development of MTS and other software, and computer networks. Also includes paper and digital MTS distribution documentation.

An ad hoc committee chaired by university Vice President William Stirton was formed in 1956/57 to consider the need for a major computational facility for instructional and research use. The recommendations of this committee led to the establishment of the University of Michigan Computing Center, first as part of the Statistical and Computing Laboratory of the Graduate School, and after July 1, 1959 as an independent center within the Horace Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

The function of the Computing Center was to provide computing services for the academic and research needs of the entire university campus, to operate and maintain mainframe computing facilities, and to engage in research and development of computer software and hardware systems. In the early 1980s, the Computing Center became involved in the introduction of personal computers on campus and the development of local, regional and national computer networks

Dr. Robert F.C. Bartels was named the first director of the Computing Center, serving until 1978. Aaron Finerman became director in 1978 and was succeeded in turn by Carolyn Autrey-Hunley in 1986. The Computing Center's first facility was located in remodeled space in the North University Building at 1205 North University Avenue. The Center moved to a new facility on North Campus in 1971.

With the appointment of the Vice Provost for Information Technology and creation of the Information Technology Division (ITD) in 1985, the Computing Center was made a unit of ITD. In 1990, Computing Center functions were absorbed into a new ITD administrative structure made up of the following units: Resource Administration, Networking Systems, Research Systems, Instructional Technology Systems, and the Assistance and Support Center.

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