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College of Pharmacy (University of Michigan) Records and Publications

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Digital records and publications of the College of Pharmacy; includes student handbooks and archived version of College homepage.

The College of Pharmacy dates from the appointment of Douglass Houghton in 1839 as professor of Geology, Mineralogy, and "with the subjects of Chemistry and Pharmacy, till Regents take further order in relation thereto." In 1868, the regents established "Pharmaceutical Chemistry" as a degree-granting program within the Department of Literature, Science, and Arts. The program expanded again, in 1876 to become the School of Pharmacy with Albert B. Prescott as dean. Under Prescott's leadership the curriculum was set at a year-and-a-half program leading to a pharmaceutical chemistry degree. Accreditation of the program by the American Pharmaceutical Association was granted by 1885.

In 1920, Edward H. Kraus began a fourteen-year tenure as dean. He initiated the doctoral program in pharmacy and encouraged corporate-sponsored fellowships for graduate students. Howard B. Lewis served as dean of the College of Pharmacy from 1933 to 1947. The "Annual Pharmacy Lectures" began in 1932. Thereafter, the college annually sponsored a day when pharmacists from throughout the state gathered to hear papers on a variety of pharmacy topics. With Lewis' support the lectures became an important link between the university and the statewide community.

A postwar resurgence of students saw enrollment double during the late 1940s. In 1951, Thomas D. Rowe became dean. During Rowe's term the undergraduate program was lengthened to five years. In graduate work, a new Doctor of Pharmacy program was instituted.

Upon Dean Rowe's retirement in 1975, Ara G. Paul was named dean of the college. During the initial years of Paul's deanship extensive evaluation was undertaken in order to position the college for optimal growth through the end of the century. Ara Paul retired as dean in December 1995. The next three deans were James W. Richards, George L. Kenyon, and Frank Ascione. In 2009, the university acquired the former Pfizer Research and Development facility, which enabled a variety of new research and educational opportunities for the college.

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