Diversity Blueprints Task Force (University of Michigan) Records

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Diversity Blueprints Task Force (University of Michigan) Records

This Deep Blue collection contains the records of the Diversity Blueprints Task Force held by the Bentley Historical Library. For a more complete index to the record group, please consult the online finding aid.

Researchers may find additional information on the University of Michigan's efforts to promote diversity in the Diversity Matters Web Archives.

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Task Force created by President Mary Sue Coleman in 2006 to help frame the University of Michigan’s response to Proposal 2, a state ballot initiative that banned the use of affirmative action and preferential treatment in hiring and admissions decisions. Includes administrative records of the Task Force and its subcommittees in digital format as well as related online resources created by the university. Prominent records include the final report of the Task Force and archived Websites that promoted Task Force findings and diversity in general at the university.

With the passage of Proposal 2 on November 7, 2006, the Michigan State Constitution was amended to ban public institutions from using affirmative action in hiring or admissions decisions or from giving preferential treatment to groups or individuals based on their race, gender, color, ethnicity, or national origin. The University of Michigan responded to this new law by changing its admissions and financial aid policies so that race and gender were no longer factors in the decision making processes. At the same time, the university sought to maintain its vision of education as “a tool through which the fact of diversity is transformed to the exciting and productive actions of diversity, creating a climate and environment so stimulating and attractive that the experience of difference becomes a source of excellence and an instrument of achievement” (University of Michigan Diversity Blueprints Final Report, p. 2). To this end, President Mary Sue Coleman established the Diversity Blueprints Task Force on December 13, 2006 to provide the university with recommendations on how to maintain and enhance diversity on campus in light of Proposal 2’s mandate. In its formal charge, the Task Force was asked to evaluate and improve “the University’s effectiveness in recruiting, retaining, and supporting a diverse student body, faculty, and staff and enhancing its educational outreach and engagement.” The Diversity Blueprints Task Force was co-chaired by Provost Teresa Sullivan and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Lester Monts and consisted of 55 faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, and administrators. This body was divided into four subcommittees, each of which addressed a valued aspect of the university’s diverse structure:

  • Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and Pipeline
  • Graduate Student Recruitment, Retention, and Pipeline
  • Faculty and Staff Hiring and Retention
  • Educational Outreach and Engagement

The Task Force held five full meetings, four public forums, 35 hours of subcommittee meetings, and a two-day “Workshop on the Impact of Ballot Initiatives and Judicial Decisions on Admissions and Recruitment, Financial Aid, and Outreach” with key administrators from California, Washington, Texas, and Georgia. The task force delivered the University of Michigan Diversity Blueprints Final Report on March 15, 2007 and the recommendations took into account more than 400 suggestions sent via email from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and area residents in addition to numerous comments made in public forums, meetings, and workshops.

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