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Your Privacy in Deep Blue

Your privacy is important to us, and its protection is supported by national and state laws, specifically the Michigan Library Privacy Act as well as by UM policies and guidelines and University Library policies.


What information gets collected and stored automatically?

We gather information about use of Deep Blue so we can better meet your needs and troubleshoot problems. This information, in the form of session logs (which contain data such as browser type and IP address) is retained for approximately 2 weeks, then discarded.


Does Deep Blue store personally-identifiable information?

No. While we do collect some information that can identify you as an individual user, we do not store it any longer than necessary for troubleshooting. Additionally, the Library purges use data on items viewed or downloaded from Deep Blue. Note, however, that information you choose to save in the following areas is retained:

Access to the above information is restricted to Library staff who need to use it in the normal course of Library business. This information is never used for commercial or marketing purposes and will never be revealed to any third party except by such process, order, or subpoena authorized by national, state, or local law.


How do you protect this information?

To guard against unauthorized access, maintain the integrity of the data, and promote the proper use of that data we have implemented physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

While we consider these reasonable measures, no guarantee can be made that they will always prevent invalid access or improper activity. For this reason, wherever possible we delete data (such as information about what items you have previously viewed) that might cause activities to be linked to you as an individual.