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Deep Blue Services

As outlined below, the University of Michigan (UM) Library offers deposit, access, and preservation services to support Deep Blue and its users. Additionally, the Library provides community management, end-user support, and system management services to provide ongoing support for Deep Blue communities, respond to user inquiries, and supply system monitoring, back-up, and recovery. We are investigating services beyond those in the Deep Blue Basic Service which may be offered through a "Premium Service" model.


Deposit Services

Deep Blue offers contributors a flexible, easy-to-use deposit process. A contributor completes a brief deposit form and grants non-exclusive permission to distribute and preserve the work.

Communities may decide to subject new deposits to a review and approval process, customized to a community's needs. The community administrator(s) establish workflows of the deposit process and create the reviewer, coordinator and metadata editor roles during a community's or collection's initial set-up. This process may include the following roles and steps:

Through the deposit workflow process, reviewers, coordinators, and metadata editors can:


Access Services

Deep Blue's Access Services give users the ability to browse, search, and discover items of interest, request one or more items from the system, and take delivery of the requested items. Those interested in accessing the contents of Deep Blue can:


Repository Services and Quotas

Deep Blue provides storage and preservation services to ensure the longevity of deposited materials. Users should be assured that content deposited in many formats (see Preservation Policy) will be accessible even when the original application in which it was created is obsolete and the means to access it are inoperable. For each deposit, Deep Blue:

Initial storage quotas will be based on the size of the Deep Blue community as determined by the Library. Thereafter, the quotas will be reviewed on an annual basis at which time the Library reserve the right to alter the quotas as dictated by demand and resource availability. Communities with greater storage needs can contact Deep Blue's administrators for further assistance.


Community Management Services

Deep Blue's Community Management Services are a set of consultative and applied services designed to meet the needs of individual communities. Library staff will provide guidance in developing a community or collection's workflow process, metadata requirements, and distribution policies as well as launching a Deep Blue community homepage.

The Library will manage all aspects of the community set-up process, including:

A local coordinator—typically a Library liaison or subject specialist—will help provide Community Management Services with back-up from the Deep Blue Coordinator and the Systems Administrator.


End-User Support Services

The Library will provide both web-based and telephone support to all Deep Blue users. Support will be provided Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Inquiries will typically receive a return response via e-mail or telephone within one business day.

The Deep Blue web site will provide documentation, including FAQs to answer routine questions and user support contact information for more complex questions.

Library liaisons and subject specialists will work with the Deep Blue coordinator and Systems Administrator to provide End-User Support Services, with back-up from the Digital Library Production Services and its Core Services staff.


System Management Services

System Management Services are the back-office support for Deep Blue, working to ensure optimal system performance and high availability.

The UM Library will provide a comprehensive set of technical services for Deep Blue system operations, including:

The Deep Blue Systems Administrator will provide System Management Services with back-up from the Digital Library Production Services and its Core Services staff. The UM Library will provide 24/7 support for Deep Blue's server, storage and network operations.

Premium Services

The Library is investigating the introduction of a set of Premium Services to meet the exceptional resource requirements of Deep Blue communities. Deep Blue was designed as a distributed system that allows communities to manage their own collections, and the areas listed above include all necessary functionality to achieve that. As with any new service, though, it is difficult to determine how users will employ specific features of the system and the resulting services they will demand. The Library anticipates that some Deep Blue communities may want to outsource certain activities to the Library or may put demands on the system that require additional resources for support.