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Enhanced Deposit Service

The Enhanced Deposit Service is a process for faculty members to share and preserve as much as possible of their publications and other work in Deep Blue, the online repository for preserving the research, teaching, and creative work of the University of Michigan. With Deep Blue staff time and administrative processes, this service speeds up the work of getting your outputs in Deep Blue and takes one to four months.

During the service, a faculty member works with Deep Blue staff and share their:

Your body of work may contain not only journal articles and traditional publications but also other work like conference posters and presentations, syllabi, videos, etc. Please consider the full range of your work when deciding what to share in Deep Blue.

Then, Deep Blue staff will:

  1. review the rights for the works,
  2. organize the files and citations,
  3. correspond with the faculty member about questions,
  4. and upload it all to Deep Blue as a batch.

When evaluating the rights for each file, Deep Blue staff determine whether a publication or other work can be deposited open access, deposited with the "Request a Copy" restriction, or not deposited owing to copyright restrictions.

By preserving your body of work in Deep Blue, you can then share and cite each work via its handle (stable URL) and include an open access version through Symplectic Elements, the profile and research information management system for campus and backend of Michigan Research Experts.

If you are a faculty member and interested in this service, please contact Deep Blue or a Library subject specialist.