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The Soviet Invasion
of Czechoslovakia: August 1968

Materials from
the Labadie Collection
of Social Protest Material

Website by Brian Rosenblum
Text and translations by Jonathan Bolton
August 2000

In honor of Czech President Vaclav Havel's honorary degree from the University of Michigan on September 5, 2000, the Special Collections Library presents a web exhibit highlighting Czech material from the Labadie Collection of Social Protest Material.


In the morning hours of August 21, 1968, the Soviet army invaded Czechoslovakia along with troops from four other Warsaw Pact countries. The occupation was the beginning of the end for the Czechoslovak reform movement known as the Prague Spring.

This web site contains material from the days immediately following the invasion, and they reflect the atmosphere in Czechoslovakia at the time: tense, chaotic, uncertain, full of pathos, fear, and expectation...




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