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January 2005

7% of college students have abused prescription stimulants

Seven percent of college students have used prescription stimulants for nonmedical purposes, according to U-M researcher's nationwide study.

Mona Lisa is cracking a smile--but why is her smile cracking?

An undergradate mechanical engineering major has identified two long-time practices in art preservation that damage masterpiece paintings.

Junior Evan Quasney made the findings during his summer-long research internship at the Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education.

Study points way to improving safety of hospitalized children

Patient-safety indicators used to gauge adult patients can help assess child safety, too, but some refinement of analytical tools is called for, says pediatrician Aileen Sedman.

Children and adults enjoy Shrek2 and The Incredibles

Film critic Frank Beaver says the technical and thematic sophistication of Shrek 2 and The Incredibles accounts for their popularity with adult as well as young viewers.

Students' 2005 solar car unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

The Solar Car Team of the College of Engineering unveiled Momentum, its entrant in the 2005 Sun Rayce, at the North American International Auto Show. The show runs through January 23.

Alumnus poet Matthew Thorburn '97 reads 'In Lansing'

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'Who loves January?' asks the narrator of Matthew Thorburn's winter meditation, 'In Lansing.' And it turns out he does.

This semester's theme: Cultural Treasures of the Middle East

As post-Sept. 11 enrollment in Middle East programs doubles, U-M is sponsoring a semester-long focus on Middle Eastern people, cultures and languages. (Image: an example of calligraphy. Khaled al-Saa'i, Syrian, b. 1970 - Poem in stylized thuluth script, ca. 1998 ) Highlights will include special courses, concerts, exhibits, lectures and other events.


An excerpt from Susan Botti's 'Listen, It's Snowing'

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Asst. Prof. Susan Botti is a musical rarity: an acclaimed soprano and a composer. This piece, excerpted from her CD of the same name, sets an E. E. Cummings text.

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Talking about words

'Is this a whatchamacallit which I see before me or—whatever?'

'Is this a whatchamacallit which I see before me or--whatever?'

'Whatever is a catchall expression, something like etcetera,' says Richard Bailey in his discussion of the wonders of 'imprecise speech.'


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