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December 2004

The University and Google will digitize entire U-M Library collection

The University of Michigan and Google will add the 7 million volumes in the University Library to the Google search engine, opening the way to universal access to information.


The remake of Alfie starring Jude Law (r) reminded movie expert Frank Beaver "of just how startling, even off-putting, but ultimately effective the use of direct-camera address by a screen character can be."


Cells of higher organisms can chew up and recycle parts of themselves, particularly in times of stress, like starvation and disease. U-M researchers wonder: Is that good or bad?


Pottery is the art form that has best survived the devastation of wars in Korea. This 800-year-old wine bottle is among the ceramic masterpieces on display at the U-M Museum of Art now through July 24.


Richard Tillinghast, professor of English, reads "We Kept Missing Each Other" and "The World Is" from his latest volume of poetry, Six Mile Mountain, Story Line Press, Ashland, Oregon.

Listen to "We Kept Missing Each Other"
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Listen to "The World Is"
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Who says diversity in stock portfolios is better? Individual investors with one or two stocks outperformed more diversified investors in a study by Ross School of Business researchers.


Corneal transplant specialist Dr. Theresa Nairus (right, with a Mongolian trainee) and Dr. Susan Thoms returned from Mongolia this fall after working with a team that spared many people a life of blindness.


The School of Education's includes articles by students in schools, civic groups, political organizations, fiction writers' clubs and sports organizations.


This excerpt from J.S. Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," is performed by Judy Ogden on the U-M carillonneurs CD True Blue. Order at:, $10 + $3 shipping.

Listen to "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
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Talking about words

Hot-dogging it, eating crow—and other metaphorically animalistic acts of speech

English is full of words and phrases with both quick and dead metaphorical animals. Where one person suffers the humiliation of eating crow, another can exult in triumph by hot-dogging it.


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