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Title: Effect of financial incentives on head CT use dataset Open Access Deposited
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  • We conducted a cross-sectional survey of patients at the University of Michigan Emergency Department (ED). Each participant was presented with a hypothetical scenario involving an ED visit following minor traumatic brain injury. Participants were given information regarding potential benefit (detecting brain hemorrhage) and risk (developing cancer) of head CT scan, as well as an incentive of $0 or $100 to forego testing. We used 0.1% and 1% for test benefit and risk, and values for risk, benefit, and financial incentive varied across participants. Our primary outcome was patient preference to undergo testing. We also collected demographic and numeracy information. Then, we used logistic regression to estimate odds ratios, which were adjusted for multiple potential confounders. Our sample size was designed to find at least 300 events (preference for testing) to allow for inclusion of up to 30 covariates in fully adjusted models. We had 85-90% power to detect a 10% absolute difference in testing rate across groups, assuming a 95% significance level.
  • SPSS is required to access processed dataset in .sav format. Model output is provided as a word document, and Qualtrics survey instrument is included as PDF and .docx, where .docx version contains survey logic and question numbers.
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  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
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  • Iyengar, R., Winkels, J., Smith, C. M., Meka, A. P., MD, Porath, J. D., MD, & Meurer, W. J., MD, MS. (2019, January 21). The Effect of Financial Incentives on Patient Decisions to Undergo Low-Value Head CT Scans.
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  • On August 26, 2019, two additional output files were added to the deposit (OUTPUTunadjustedCP.doc and aug23adjustedmodels.doc), and their descriptions added to the readme.
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  • 08/26/2019
  • 05/31/2019
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Meurer, W. (2019). Effect of financial incentives on head CT use dataset [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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