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Title: Central Mali agriculture documentaries Open Access Deposited
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  • shooting video footage and editing into documentaries.
  • Videos produced in the course of linguistic fieldwork. Most are presented here in three different video formats. "Gardening Diondiori" illustrates dry-season farming mostly of cash crops using ground water (springs, drying ponds and rivers, underground water sources). The other videos in this block are of ordinary rainwater agriculture done in the rainy season, featuring Dogon people and, in the case of "Rice harvest and threshing," Bangande (speakers of Bangime), who have the same agricultural methods. The principal rainy season crop in the zone is millet (Cenchrus spicatus), but most of the documentaries here are about secondary crops (cowpea, fonio, groundnut, peanut, groundnut, roselle, rice, sesame, sweet potato). "Driving off grain-eating birds" is based on an unsteady cellphone video brought to us, except for the final segments which we shot.
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • 2012 to 2014
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  • 06/09/2018
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