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Title: Lexical spreadsheets Bangime language of Mali Open Access Deposited
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  • Lexical elicitation, enriched by lexicon extracted from texts. The presentation separates nouns, adjectives, numerals, other, and verbs to permit customized formats for each category. Each class has its own worksheet in the xlsx spreadsheet, and its own document in the csv series.
  • The work on the Bangime language, spoken by the Bangande people, was carried out as part of a larger linguistic fieldwork project focused on Dogon languages. Bangime is confirmed as a language isolate with no demonstrable linguistic relatives—possibly the only such isolate in West Africa.
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • multiple
Date coverage
  • 2007 to 2018
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  • Heath & Hantgan. A grammar of Bangime. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2018. ISBN 978-3-11-055749-7
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  • 08/21/2019
  • 03/18/2019
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Heath, J., Hantgan, A., Elders, S. (2019). Lexical spreadsheets Bangime language of Mali [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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