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Title: Gelada foraging ecology in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia Open Access Deposited
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  • This dataset contains four files: foraging.scans.csv, transects.csv, underground.samples.csv, and rainfall.csv. Foraging data were collected using instantaneous scan samples from adult geladas, collected at 10-minute intervals. Transect data were collected using the point-intercept method. Underground samples were collected using a soil core. Rainfall data were collected with a rain gauge. Further details of the methods used in each data set are described in the associated meta data.
  • This includes data used for analysis for the publication: "Graminivory and fallback foods: Annual diet profile of geladas (Theropithecus gelada) living in the Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia". A revised version of the "foraging.scans.xlsx" file was uploaded as a csv file on Dec 13, 2017 to include the addition of the "crop" as category in the "Diet.Item" column. Previously "crop" was included in the "other" category. An updated version of the "readme_foraging.scans.txt" was uploaded on Dec 13, 2017 to account for this change, provide additional information on variables in the "season" column and to include contact information for the creator of the data set. Revised versions of two other files "readme_rainfall.txt" and "readme_underground.samples.txt" were also uploaded on Dec 13, 2017. Both revisions include additional information to account for missing variables and contact information for the creator of the data set. The original files are retained in this data set and are marked as being the originals in the file name. Note: A citation to the related article was added to the metadata on March 12, 2018.
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  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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  • DGE 1256260
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  • 2015-02-02 to 2016-01-30
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  • 03/12/2018
  • 08/15/2017
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Jarvey, J. (2017). Gelada foraging ecology in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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