The probability of a given 1-choice structure

Show simple item record Harary, Frank en_US Read, Ronald C. en_US 2006-09-11T16:23:35Z 2006-09-11T16:23:35Z 1966-06 en_US
dc.identifier.citation Harary, Frank; Read, Ron; (1966). "The probability of a given 1-choice structure." Psychometrika 31(2): 271-278. <> en_US
dc.identifier.issn 0033-3123 en_US
dc.identifier.issn 1860-0980 en_US
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dc.description.abstract A 1-choice structure arises whenever each person in a group chooses exactly one other person according to some criterion. Our purpose is to study the situation in which these choices are made at random. As noted in Harary, Norman and Cartwright [2], such a structure can be represented by a directed graph in which the points represent people and the directed lines their choices. We first describe the shape of such a 1-choice structure, and define its symmetry number. With the help of these properties we are then able to develop and prove a formula which gives a probability of obtaining a given structure in the random choice situation. In order to supply data for these results, we include in the Appendix the diagrams of all 1-choice structures with at most 7 points and the probability of each. en_US
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dc.publisher Springer-Verlag; Psychometric Society en_US
dc.subject.other Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law en_US
dc.subject.other Psychology en_US
dc.subject.other Psychometrics en_US
dc.subject.other Statistical Theory and Methods en_US
dc.subject.other Assessment, Testing and Evaluation en_US
dc.title The probability of a given 1-choice structure en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.subject.hlbsecondlevel Psychology en_US
dc.subject.hlbtoplevel Social Sciences en_US
dc.description.peerreviewed Peer Reviewed en_US
dc.contributor.affiliationum University of Michigan, USA en_US
dc.contributor.affiliationother University of the West Indies, India en_US
dc.contributor.affiliationumcampus Ann Arbor en_US
dc.identifier.pmid 5222214 en_US
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dc.identifier.doi en_US
dc.identifier.source Psychometrika en_US
dc.owningcollname Interdisciplinary and Peer-Reviewed
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