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  • Campbell, Cameron; Gazella, Katie; Claydon, Patricia; Bates, Karl Leif; Ladford, Marcia; Ryan, Eillen; Jones, Lin; Coon, Conny; Pobojewski, Sally; Swanbrow, Diane; Stainton, Leslie; Foege, William; Markel, Howard; Rogers, Naomi; Kluger, Jeffrey; Wilson, Daniel; Baker, Jeffrey P.; Oshinsky, David; Lewis, Mary Beth; Vloet, Martin; Brown, Shawntai; Obrecht, Jas (News Service of the University of Michigan, 2005-10)

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  • Cooper, James Patrick; Gazella, Katie; Galvin, Scott; Swanbrow, Diane; Barclay, Dolores; Militzer, James; Ise, Anthony; Holzel, David; Morgan, Mike; Shine, Dan; Jones, Lin; Gould, Mike; Miller, William Ian (News Service of the University of Michigan, 2006-07)

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  • Gazella, Katie; Gnagey, Laurel Thomas (2003-09)

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  • Gazella, Katie; Krislov, Marvin (2004-01)

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