Materials Science and Engineering, Department of

Materials Science and Engineering faculty at Michigan are involved in the creation and dissemination of fundamental knowledge and developing advanced technologies. The areas of emphasis in our department include the synthesis and processing of novel functional bulk and thin film "hard" and "soft" materials for diverse technologies that include microelectronic and light emitting devices, ferroelectrics, thermoelectrics and photovoltaics. The self-assembly of nanoparticles, biological molecules and synthetic organic macromolecules and, moreover, bio-inspired strategies for synthesizing new materials, are areas of growing interest to our faculty. Additionally, our faculty work on problems that include the use of ultra-fast lasers for non-destructive diagnostics of materials and processes, the use of first-principles techniques for calculating phase diagrams and materials properties, the processing and properties of advanced structural alloys for automotive, aerospace and power generation applications. Other areas of excellence in our department include the synthesis and processing of hybrid ceramic/polymer nanoparticles to produce materials for photonic applications.

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